Open Source Communications

The idea behind this site will be to explore the changing face of telecommunications. To look at up and coming technologies and discuss how these may contribute to a brand new ‘open source’ era of technological innovation based around previously closed communications networks.

Historically, consumers and businesses alike have primarily depended on the network owners to conceive of and develop new communication services. If anyone has sat at home and thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could do this…” the reality was if the network providers were not interested or just didn’t have exposure to the ideas they simply would and could not be built. The growth of the internet and IP based networks has opened up a world where the network is truly public, where the intelligence and ability to create new services lies at the edge of the network, offering anyone connected the ability to create new applications, services or products for everyone else to use or build on top of. No longer is your use of the public network limited to what you can or cannot do with the digits on your phone.

With this single point of control slowly fading into history, it is with great promise that we can look forward to what is possible now that we have more open access to these networks. As we have seen with the explosion of internet technologies, open source software, and devices in the unlicensed 2.4GHz band, open access to communications networks which have allowed only limited access in the past should provide a similar catalyst to new developments, offering millions of people around the world the opportunity to experiment, tinker, learn, and build that next great thing.