State of the Empire – #1 Apple/OSX Market Share Growing

So to start things off – Apple/OSX and the risk they pose to the Microsoft empire.

There are obviously a number of reasons why Apple’s market share has started to grow, probably the most quoted one is the popularity of the iPod driving the so-called ‘halo effect‘ onto other Apple products and services. Apple started to gain significant publicity while conquering the music player space but more importantly they have continued to enhance and add new products and services which build upon the same successful elements of the iPod – elegance in design, and simplicity. Apple has been so successful in this regard that many computer users have been convinced to leave the safety of their known world in Windows to explore the apparently more hip and happening Mac world.

Some recent statistics point to much of Apple’s growth occurring in the US right now. This article identifies Apple computer sales moving into 3rd place amongst all US computer makers, in addition to now occupying an overall market share of 5.9%, up 1.1% from the previous year. While on a global scale this is still a largely insignificant share of the market it highlights what I believe is the beginning of an important trend – that people are starting to use and buy devices for everyday use which do not have Windows on them. Of course, the reasons why this is happening, and is even possible today, is not entirely to do with Apple but more importantly it is a function of convenient timing in relationship to a number of other events we will cover off later in this series of articles.

Going forward this increased Apple market share will also grow the more general non-Windows based device market so it will be interesting to see what impact this will have on devices running operating systems like Linux. As an example, will software vendors having to support > 1 operating system result in more platform independent software being built?

Depending on how successful Apple ends up being, there is always the risk that one monopoly simply gets replaced with another. However, with any hope the Apple success story will simply inject some healthy competition into a market that has desperately needed it.

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