Lessig on Free Culture and Digging for Mistakes

Lawrence Lessig most definitely has a way with words and an exceptional presentation style – I blogged previously about one of his videos in The Bazaar of Spectrum . The video below is a new version of an older speech Lessig did about Free Culture and the impact of copyright law on access (or lack thereof) to culture. The old version was fantastic, and this updated version is even better. As a teaser – stay tuned in the video for some great George W. Bush parody’s.

In addition to the great content around copyright law, another aspect which I found fascinating about this presentation was his analysis of what he considered to be the ‘mistakes’ of their effort in the Eldred v. Ashcroft case. Clearly, the identification of these mistakes was not something that came about easily for them and I believe that throughout our lives this process of ‘mistake identification’ is something that is continually short-changed. It is just way too easy to chalk up some failure to a cause beyond your control, rather than to dig deep into it and find any mistakes or changes in direction that could have been taken that would have led to a completely different outcome.

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