Rogers: Counting their Way to Success with the iPhone

Rogers came out with their iPhone price plans last week and as you can see they are not starting off on the right foot. I don’t know who is coming up with their price plans for data usage but they clearly don’t get what this phone is all about.573450_65986609v2.jpg

The fact that they still need to explain the data capabilities in terms of “200,000 text e-mails, 3,100 web pages, or 1,360 photo attachments” shows just how much they missed the mark on this one. This type of metric has been floating around for awhile at mobile operators, somehow nearly becoming the standard method for describing data usage. Unfortunately this metric doesn’t really mean anything, in fact it means less than anything – I’d be more inclined to call it false advertising. Aside from the obvious differences in sizes of photos and web pages, this metric has its usefulness anchored in the idea that people are either counting this stuff or that they can correlate this info into a meaningful measure. Since clearly no one walks around counting websites they have visited this seems like more of an excuse to write down some big numbers.