The TELUS Innovation Experience

Browsing around the TELUS website (as any normal person in the UK does on a Saturday morning) I came across the following:

Telus Innovation Experience - Share your thoughts

What struck me about this was the little button at the bottom: “Share your thoughts”. At first glance this seems like a fantastic idea – here is TELUS presenting their vision of the communications future and all the while asking those who choose to view this content for their thoughts on it. That was – of course – until I clicked on the link and was brought to the following:

TELUS Innovation Experience - Survey Page

As it turns out the link didn’t work anymore, and even if it did the objective of it was to have you fill out a survey. My excitement in seeing the “Share your thoughts” link had been driven by what I thought was going to be an open “comment” area where those who were interested in viewing TELUS’ perspective on the future could share their ideas, discuss and constructively criticize or praise the vision. Unfortunately this was not the case – but it does make me think what an interesting opportunity it would be for companies who do post content about their long-term vision on the web to open up the feedback mechanisms to allow for more free-form discussion about where they see a product, service or business going in the future.