WIND Mobile – Government Policy Meets Job Creation

98F7915E-5441-4B0A-851C-A62DC90DFEE7.jpgLooks like one of the winners of the fairly recent spectrum auctions in Canada is beginning to get their team together.

This is a great example of the positive impact changes in government policy can have on the creation of jobs in what was an otherwise stagnant, uncompetitive and fairly uninteresting Canadian telecom market.

The WIND Mobile website lists no fewer than 107 open positions – most of which look like very highly skilled and likely well paying positions that previously would not have existed.

The simple change to open up spectrum to new competitors is better for consumers, better for job creation, and better for driving continued innovation. This type of government intervention to the market is both necessary and welcome to help keep pushing us forward.

Good luck to WIND, and all those new WIND Mobile employees!