Strength in Product Management, Simplicity in Product

Today, we are inundated with more information, data, opinions, news, reviews, global insights and ideas than ever before. We are connected around the world and are able to hear all of these things in near realtime, and for those willing to listen it is possible to get all the necessary diversity one could require to drive creativity over your broadband connection.

With all of this data at your fingertips how do you know what to focus your product on? how do you filter out all the noise, ignore all of the cover fire coming from your competitors announcements and have the tenacity to focus all your organizations limited resources on a simple, coherent vision for your product and not be diverted by all the ‘noise’ in our environment today?

A business today, more than ever, needs to be willing to say no – or at a minimum say it’s not ready. Apple is the extreme example of this. This is a company willing to launch a flagship product without core functionality – copy and paste – because they didn’t have the implementation just right. Despite unending ridicule from reviewers, competitors and the market they waited three full releases of the product before they let it loose. Was it the right move? we’ll never know but at least they built the product with their features, on their terms and their schedule.

The economist recently wrote of a scourge of feature creep happening today with products and services, citing the Netbook as a good example. Without the will of a strong product manager who will say no to the inevitable demands of the corporate peanut gallery trying to push the latest feature fad into an already feature engorged and complex product.

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